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...and maybe Step 4...Enjoy Your Retirement!


Step (1)   RANK


Every month we rank the retirement plan investment choices and options made available to you based on their expected future performance. By simply and quickly picking the higher ranked investment choices off our Rankings Tables each month (or by using our fully automated "PERSONAL PORTFOLIO TRACKER"), you can easily maximize and optimize YOUR own particular retirement plan. See our general Ranking Methodology here.

Combined with our Roll-Up and Rebalancing strategies below, you will always keep YOUR plan in the right investment(s) at the right time(s) throughout all future stock market cycles!


Performance Enhancement...

The secret to Annuities Pilot's outstanding performance rests in our proprietary risk adjusted momentum methodology developed after many years of research and testing at a leading eastern university.  Our momentum rankings are based on a thoroughly time-tested and reliable set of rate-of-change (ROC) and RSI algorithms.

Momentum ranking methodology has been reported on and attested to repeatedly by financial and academic researchers and investment professionals worldwide.  It is the single most respected system-based investment methodology ever developed. While the arcane specifics of the Annuities Pilot ranking methodologies are proprietary, we have included, for the more adventuresome among you, a reading list of academic research papers here on the effectiveness of momentum ranking in general.

The "proof of the pudding" to the effectiveness of our risk adjusted performance enhancement strategies can be quickly seen in the charts for all of our mutual fund and annuity subaccounts. While the performance curves really say it all, the charts are backed up by the extensive 24-year historical data Performance Tables.  It simply works!


Risk Limitation Strategies...

Remember, it matters little whether or not whether you have a reasonable return for the year in your retirement plan if you suffer a 50% reduction in your account value during one 3-week period during that year!  The price of any reasonable return is NEVER worth the pain and agony you would certainly suffer from such a major account loss...even if it is on the way to a reasonable year-end return.  You may even pull your account after suffering such a loss and never even make it to the end of that year! But we have proven solutions for this...

(a) The Ulcer Index Filter...

While ranking investment choices by pure price momentum alone has already proven a historically successful investment selection strategy, Annuities Pilot takes momentum rankings several revolutionary steps further.  The first is by adjusting each raw Pilot Rank by a market risk exposure factor called the ulcer index.

By further adjusting our already proven raw momentum rankings by the ulcer index market risk factor, the higher raw Pilot Ranked funds/annuities not only outperform over time but do so with the smallest possible future downside market risk.  This optimized risk/reward adjustment gives you the best of both worlds...the highest possible future returns for your retirement plan with the least possible market risk.

You now can pick those available investment choices in your retirement plan that you can easily "sleep with" at night without the nagging worry that your retirement plan might tank during the next stock market sell-off!

A look at our detailed 24-year historical rankings performance tables will quickly show you how minimal and controlled that market risk has been...while still producing index-beating long-term gains. This is what getting the biggest "bank for the buck" for your retirement plan is really all about!


Risk Limitation Strategies...

(b) Including the Money Markets in all Rankings...

Probably the most important key to Annuities Pilot's performance in both UP AND DOWN markets is the inclusion of money market funds within ALL RANKINGS TABLES!

Whether it is mutual funds or annuity subaccounts being Pilot Ranked, money market funds are always included and ranked right along with the other choices in every Table.  This is true for BOTH STOCKS AND BONDS!

This means that should either the stock market or the bond market start to sell off dramatically the money market funds will always float up to the top of the rankings tables.  Before major stock or bond market declines you are therefore going to be Rolling-Up to a "risk-free" money market safe harbor investment choice BEFORE the stock or bond market takes your retirement plan down.

This feature is totally unique to Annuities Pilot and assures you that your retirement plan will largely avoid repeats of the kinds of mass sell-offs that we witnessed during those devastating bear markets of 2001 and 2007! Remember, if the value of your retirement plan is cut in half during such a bear market, you will need to DOUBLE your money just to break even again--and you may have to wait for years to see that happen.

This is the single most important risk management strategy you can employ for your retirement plan.


Risk Limitation Strategies...

(c) The Short-Term Filter...

Annuities Pilot then takes its optimized ROC/RSI momentum rankings an additional step further by placing a heavier ranking emphasis on those funds/annuities that show a rising (concave) short-term trend and a reduced ranking emphasis on those that show a falling short-term trend.  Our extensive testing and analysis has proven, beyond doubt, that a very recent rising (or concave sloped) trend commands a ranking premium for future performance, while a falling (convex sloped) short-term trend requires a down reduction in the ranking order.

All of these time-tested momentum performance and risk reduction strategies are run every month against our universe of annuity subaccounts and mutual funds and then posted to our monthly Rankings Tables so we can provide you with the best possible choices to keep YOUR retirement plan fully optimized and hitting on all cylinders...all the time!



Step (2)   ROLL-UP


The whole idea of the Roll-Up is to take full advantage of our changing Pilot Rankings month-to-month.  In bull markets you'll be rolling up to higher Pilot Ranked funds and annuities that will keep you ahead of their benchmark indexes. In bear markets you'll be sidelined into money market funds saving you countless sleepless nights and mega-bucks in bear market losses.

You will use our Rankings Tables each month to chose the highest Pilot Ranked funds/annuities available under your retirement particular plan. Annuities Pilot Ranking Tables come pre-sorted for your convenience...first by (1) Pilot Rank, and then by (2) investment name. This allows you to quickly locate the highest ranked investment(s) currently available to you--be they mutual funds, ETFs or annuity subaccounts. It may be quicker for you to chose the highest Pilot Ranked investment choices sorted by "name" rather than by Rank.

If any funds/annuities available to you are higher Pilot Ranked than the ones you had previously chosen for your retirement plan, you should consider selling the lower Pilot Ranked investment(s) and then buy (or "Roll-Up" to) a higher ranked choice.

Especially consider doing a Roll-Up if one of your investment choices is currently carrying a minus (-) ranking. A minus (-) ranking for any investment places it in the bottom half of its Master Ranking Table.  Those investments are prime candidates for Roll-Ups--whether held for our suggested minimum 90 days or not.

Generally, if you had recently Rolled-Up to a higher Pilot Ranked choice you may want to wait at least 90 days before Rolling-Up again.  However, if one or more of your investments are negatively (-) ranked in the current period, that would indicate the investment now falls within the bottom half of the current Master Ranking Tables. If an investment is currently negatively ranked you should perform a Roll-Up to a higher ranked investment choice ASAP (if that is possible for you)...rather that waiting the typical 90 days.

All Annuities Pilot rankings have been optimized for 90-day holding periods.  While you may gain some minor advantage to Rolling-Up more frequently, any performance advantage from Rolling-Up more frequently than every 90 days would likely be marginal at best.  In fact some retirement plans (though few) may even charge you an early redemption fee if you sell a plan investment before 90 day holding period expires (check with your plan administrator for details).

All Annuities Pilot Ranking Tables have a green highlighted section showing the highest ranked investments.  You certainly NEED NOT stay with funds/annuities listed in that green section to see dramatic performance increases in your plan.


Step (3)   REBALANCE


The final step you'll need to take to maximize the performance of your retirement plan is to Rebalance your stock/bond portfolio.

Most professional investment advisers, financial planners, mutual fund and insurance companies and variable annuity and target date funds providers will simply help you choose a from a pro-forma set list of fixed percentage allocations between stocks and bonds. You've all seen these. Typically they'll say let's do 40% bonds and 60% stocks, or if you're close to retirement you'll hear something like 25% stocks and 75% bonds. This is great for simply approximating your needs by selling you such a "one size fits all" target portfolio...fits their needs too by limiting time consuming personalizations. The problem is, like must cookie-cutter portfolio "solutions", it simply doesn't work very well in least for YOU (though it might simplify life for your adviser).

What these standard fixed portfolio stock/bond account balance percentages DO NOT do is to dynamically match YOUR retirement plan's risk/reward profile to ever-changing stock and bond markets. Do you want your portfolio mix to be the same regardless of whether your account is sitting in a roaring bull market or in a "getting kicked in the butt" bear market. Nope...don't think so.

Annuities Pilot uses a series of broad market leading indicators to determine the (1) underlying trend of the stock and bond markets, and (2) the appropriate CURRENT mix of stocks and bonds that best matches those changing market conditions.  As a subscriber you will get, along with our newest investment Rankings, a short market commentary discussing recent changes in market leadership, and, more importantly, our CURRENTLY effective percentages to use in YOUR retirement account to split between your stock and bond holdings.

You will use these Rebalance percentages every time you decide to do a Roll-Up to a higher Pilot Ranked fund or annuity.  At the start of a new bear market that fund may well be a money market fund.

There is really no need to Rebalance more frequently than every  90 days (our recommended minimum holding period for prior Roll-Ups).  Very little will be gained by matching our newest allocation percentages in less than 90 days unless the stock or bond markets have made a dramatic move in one direction or the other. Generally, you will Rebalance using our new stock/bond allocation percentages when you do your chosen Roll-Up to a higher Pilot Ranked investment choice.


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Great service. This is, by far, the best service for us 403b'ers locked into these crazy annuities that I have found. Great work!

Amon P., Woodbridge, VA

Annuities Pilot has finally made it easy for me to manage my 457 plan here at (name withheld) University. These rankings are sooooo easy. Thanks guys.

Warren F., NYC, NY

I have been very pleasantly surprised how easy you make it for me to get the best from our complex retirement plan here at...

Jake C., Evanston, IL

Yeah! God's gift to teachers, this thing really works! Works for my IRA too. Where have you been hiding all these years!

Sam R., Pittsburgh, PA

AP is professional and well supported and far and away the best of the lot. Great retirement service for us academics sitting on these annuity based plans. Keep it coming.

Bill K., Atlanta, GA

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