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Every month Annuities Pilot (AP) rates and ranks over 2,500 of the most popular mutual funds, ETFs and annuity subaccounts offered for retirement plans by insurance companies, variable annuity providers and mutual fund companies.

Our Ranking Methodology is reliable, rigorous and time tested on over 24 years of historical data covering bull markets, bear markets...and everything in between!

As the stock market changes month to month, the investments listed on our Ranking Tables change as well.  All rankings are automatically updated each month for all of the selections of your choice in our "PERSONAL PORTFOLIO TRACKER". The newest Rankings will reflect current shifts in performance variances between (1) individual funds and annuities as well as (2) performance shifts in market leadership between types, styles and sectors of investments.

Using the technology and systems we thoroughly explain in our Pilot Ranking Methodology and The 3 R's the funds and annuity subaccounts with the highest expected future performance will move higher in Pilot Rank toward the top of our Ranking Tables listings each month. For further reading we've included a set of academic research papers here discussing the merits of successful momentum ranking methodologies.

To RADICALLY improve the performance of YOUR retirement plan it will not be necessary to always be invested in the highest ranked investments (highest Pilot Rank numbers) in each Ranking Table each month.  All that's required to materially and substantially improve the performance of your retirement plan would be to Roll-Up and to higher Pilot Ranked investments two to four times each year.

The total time required to Roll-Up and Rebalance your retirement plan should take no longer than 10 minutes each month.  In fact in many months you will not be changing your retirement plan portfolio at all.



Annuities Pilot has spent enormous amounts of time and money isolating and developing the very best performing price momentum algorithms and strategies for ranking annuities subaccounts and mutual funds available anywhere.

Each ranking is based on a proprietary array of time series sets of rates of change and relative strength from periods of one month up to 18 months--each optimized for the underlying investment.  Increasing emphasis and weight is placed on the more recent periods to better represent the character and volatility of current market conditions.

The investment choices with the greatest odds of retaining their performance leadership thus keep floating up toward the top of the Rankings Tables (higher Pilot Rank numbers) month after month.  Therefore, the rankings are optimized to insure the retention of their "staying power" for at least the full suggested investment minimumholding period of 90 days. The highest ranked investment choices therefore usually remain the top performers for each full holding period.

Bottom're always starting out on top and you're staying on top.



Remember, it matters little whether or not whether you have a reasonable return for the year in your retirement plan if you suffer a 50% reduction in your account value during one 3-week period during that year!  The price of any reasonable return is NEVER worth the pain and agony you would certainly suffer from such a major account loss...even if it is on the way to a reasonable year-end return.  You may even pull your account after suffering such a loss and never even make it to the end of that year!  But we have proven solutions for this.

One way we avoid the possibility of that calamity is to rank the zero risk money market funds right along with the other entries in each and every Ranking Table. In fact money market funds are ALWAYS ranked right along with all stock and bond fund/annuity subaccounts.

Therefore, during down markets, when few if any funds or annuities are making it to the top of the rankings, the money market funds will occupy the top ranking slots on every rankings table.

At such times you will be Rolling-Up to the safety of a market-neutral money market fund.  This will protect your retirement account from disastrous market declines such as the bear markets of 2000 and 2007 that nearly wiped-out so many retirement accounts.

In fact we often rank money market funds from other fund/annuity providers right along with the providers own money market funds to increase the odds of at least one money market fund rotating up to the top of a Ranking Table in the early stages of a bear market.

While our rankings do not always "anticipate" market declines, the top rankings occupied by money market funds at the beginning of major bear markets will keep you and your retirement plan safely sidelined for the majority of all important market sell-offs.

Importantly, each set of resultant rankings is further optimized by adjusting each potential investment's ranking by the market risk associated with the underlying security's volatility index.  The risk assessment measure we use is called the Ulcer Index (UI). Precisely how we do that adjustment is proprietary, but we can tell you that adjusting by the UI across all time periods essentially results in a lowering of the rank for those securities that are the most likely to fade in performance after purchase.

Once the sell-off is over the best performers move back up to the higher Rankings again by replacing the money market funds, and you're off to the races one more time!

Bottom'll always be on the right side of the market. Annuities Pilot rankings give you (1) the ability to maximize the future performance of your retirement plan in both up and down markets, while (2) limiting the market risk and exposure of your plan to stock and bond market sell-offs!  Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned--and you'll sleep better, too!

No other investment service gives you this winning double-header of both risk and reward maximization!

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Great service. This is, by far, the best service for us 403b'ers locked into these crazy annuities that I have found. Great work!

Amon P., Woodbridge, VA

Annuities Pilot has finally made it easy for me to manage my 457 plan here at (name withheld) University. These rankings are sooooo easy. Thanks guys.

Warren F., NYC, NY

I have been very pleasantly surprised how easy you make it for me to get the best from our complex retirement plan here at...

Jake C., Evanston, IL

Yeah! God's gift to teachers, this thing really works! Works for my IRA too. Where have you been hiding all these years!

Sam R., Pittsburgh, PA

AP is professional and well supported and far and away the best of the lot. Great retirement service for us academics sitting on these annuity based plans. Keep it coming.

Bill K., Atlanta, GA

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