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JULY 31, 2013
It is an example from a previous back issue of an Annuities Pilot Rankings and Advisory Update. It is provided here for example purposes only and is not intended to provide current market advice.

The predominant direction of our combined Annuities Pilot Proprietary
Market Indicators is:



The predominant direction of our chosen public domain
Broad Market Indicators (see table below) is:




Current Public Domain
Broad Market Indicators
NYSE McClellan Summation Index 1909 7/26/13
NYSE Advance/Decline Line (A/D) 7/19/13
Barron's (Financial) Confidence Index (BCI) 6/24/13
Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), (CCI) 1/31/12
Yale Crash Confidence Index 7/17/13
Univ. of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (MCS), (MCS) 5/24/13
Bloomberg U.S. Financial Conditions Index (FCI), 7/12/13
Dominant Market (NASDAQ vs. NYSE) Index NYSE 7/17/13
Classic RUTTR Signal 7/19/13
"C" Fund 50-day/200-day Moving Average 1/20/12
VIX - CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), (VIX) 12.32 7/26/13
Treasury/Eurodollar (TED) Spread 4/4/13
Latest S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index 12/26/12
SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) 8/21/12
US Dollar Index Future (DXY) 7/11/13
Baltic Dry Index (BDIY), (BDIY) 7/19/12
Treasury Yield Curve, Curve
Bespoke Bank and Broker CDS Index 7/17/13
Commodity Research Bureau Commodity Price Index (CRB) 10/23/12
Commodity Research Bureau CRB Raw Materials Index (Rind) 11/29/12
Shiller 10 Year Inflation Adjusted P/E Ratio 7/29/13

Note: These indicators are provided for information purposes only. See our glossary for definitions. Net change arrows on this table reflect intermediate term trend conditions and not the change from a previous month's indicator table.
Charts, listings and data by and


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Great service. This is, by far, the best service for us 403b'ers locked into these crazy annuities that I have found. Great work!

Amon P., Woodbridge, VA

Annuities Pilot has finally made it easy for me to manage my 457 plan here at (name withheld) University. These rankings are sooooo easy. Thanks guys.

Warren F., NYC, NY

I have been very pleasantly surprised how easy you make it for me to get the best from our complex retirement plan here at...

Jake C., Evanston, IL

Yeah! God's gift to teachers, this thing really works! Works for my IRA too. Where have you been hiding all these years!

Sam R., Pittsburgh, PA

AP is professional and well supported and far and away the best of the lot. Great retirement service for us academics sitting on these annuity based plans. Keep it coming.

Bill K., Atlanta, GA

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