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Bear Markets of 2000 - 2003 and 2007-2009

We now have the first historical instance of having suffered through two major bear markets in the same decade...first the 2000-2003 debacle and now the most recently devastating 2007-2009 period.

These two major back-to-back 50%+ declines in the same decade have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that all of the "journalistic experts" out there who would have you pick a portfolio and hold it forever are, have been, and always will be totally and absolutely WRONG!

If you think this latest bear bust and the one in 2000-2003 were anomalies you'd be wrong. In fact, in addition to the latest and the 2000-2003 tech bust, the 21 months between 1973 and 1975 saw a similar 50% decline in stock prices that would have required a similar DOUBLING of prices just to get back to breakeven. The bottom line is there's simply no reason for having to accept the risk of sitting through those protracted bear markets.

In fact, without adjusting for the relatively high dividends of the time, it took 7 1/2 years until mid-1980 before the S&P 500 finally returned to its January 1973 levels. For those 7 1/2 years investors who had followed even simple intermediate to long term trend following systems would have re-allocated their assets to bonds or another investment medium and avoided the lion's share of that bear market's severe damage.

Annuities Pilot helps you avoid the lion's share of all major bear markets by ranking money market funds right alongside with the stock and bond funds and annuities.  When stocks or bonds are losing ground the money markets float to the top of our ranking tables.  You would then be rolled-up into a money market fund while other markets are declining.

As in 2000-2003, this newest bear market would have cut a hard-earned retirement "nest-egg" in the TSP stock funds in half! A full recovery of those account losses would then have required a DOUBLING in market values just to get back to breakeven!

While Wall Street professionals kept saying over and over again "buy and hold and never look and hold and never look back," the market then proceeded to wipe out another $6 trillion of investors wealth over the period.

Almost unbelievably, it was during those depressing bear market years when investors lost so much money and confidence that those same Wall Street professionals who preached "buy and hold and never look back!" were making their biggest salary bonuses in history. We now know why they didn't want you to look back!

Annuities Pilot Steers You on the Right Course
...and at the Right Time

A look at our performance tables will show that while most retirement plan investors saw their account values SLASHED nearly by HALF during this period, the average value of all Annuities Pilot Portfolios was actually UP!

In other words...Higher Returns along with Reduced Market Risk is what Annuities Pilot is all about. You maximize and conserve your retirement plan savings while sleeping in peace at night.

As it did in 2000-2003, and recently again in 2007-2009, Annuities Pilot will dramatically reduce your future market exposure and risk during important market down cycles.

Annuities Pilot preserves the value of your retirement account by reducing your exposure to down markets while increasing your exposure during bull markets by ranking zero risk money market and stable value funds right along with the stock and bond funds and annuities.

Not only would Annuities Pilot subscribers have largely avoided the devastating 2000-2003 and 2007-2009 bear market losses, they would have been invested in the highest performers for most of the previous years of the historic bull markets of the 1990's. Those historic pre-2000 profits would have been preserved rather than squandered during the 2000-2003 and 2007-2009 market busts.

A buy-and-hold investor would have needed to summon up enormous staying power to sit through those years and do nothing while watching hard earned portfolios steadily erode, day after day and month after month.

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Great service. This is, by far, the best service for us 403b'ers locked into these crazy annuities that I have found. Great work!

Amon P., Woodbridge, VA

Annuities Pilot has finally made it easy for me to manage my 457 plan here at (name withheld) University. These rankings are sooooo easy. Thanks guys.

Warren F., NYC, NY

I have been very pleasantly surprised how easy you make it for me to get the best from our complex retirement plan here at...

Jake C., Evanston, IL

Yeah! God's gift to teachers, this thing really works! Works for my IRA too. Where have you been hiding all these years!

Sam R., Pittsburgh, PA

AP is professional and well supported and far and away the best of the lot. Great retirement service for us academics sitting on these annuity based plans. Keep it coming.

Bill K., Atlanta, GA

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