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Also click "THE 3 R's" to see how our Ranking, Roll-up and Rebalancing methodology works to improve your retirement investment returns, and our Pilot Ranking Methodology for more details on our Rankings.

You will use our Rankings Tables each month to choose the currently highest performing annuity subaccount/mutual fund investment choice available to you in your own particular retirement plan.

To pick those investments of interest to you (those provided to you by your plan administrator) you can quickly search our Provider Specific or Master Ranking Tables for mutual funds and/or annuity subaccounts. The Master Ranking Tables are made available to you in spreadsheet formats (click on the "spreadsheet link" on each master category page). Once opened you can search either spreadsheet by PILOT RANK or by fund or annuity subaccount NAME.

To make it even easier you can use our "Personal Portfolio Tracker" with Rankings of funds and annuities that YOU CHOOSE from your retirement plan that will automatically update with new ranking orders each month!

If your retirement plan administrator offers you investment choices from more than one insurance company provider, searching our Master Rankings Tables by "Name" (or by using our simple "Personal Portfolio Tracker") may be the best choice for finding your investment choices. Our individual insurance or mutual fund provider Ranking Tables contain much smaller numbers of choices and can be sight read directly.

All of our Rankings Tables are presented in two basic sections.  The first section shows the investment vehicles (funds or annuity subaccounts) sorted by PILOT RANK--the higher the Pilot Rank the larger the number).  The rankings get lower (less highly ranked) as you go down the list.  The top of the Pilot Rankings are highlighted in green. Though very few can own the limited number of green highlighted investments (because of plan limitations), always at least make the effort to stay invested in the green-highlighted investments whenever possible.

Note that negative (-) rankings indicate an investment that is in the bottom half of the ranking table for that period. If one of your investment choices shows up as a negative PILOT RANK (therefore in the bottom half of the Ranking Table) you should seriously consider Rolling-Up to the highest ranked investment choice available to you ASAP whether you have held that particular investment for our normal minimum of 90 day period or not.

Even if you can't always own a green highlighted fund or annuity subaccount, your retirement plan performance will still improve DRAMATICALLY just by rolling-up to the highest PILOT RANKED investment available to you after the suggested 90-day holding period expires (see our "3 R's" strategy for more details).

Note: While we prefer to avoid the leveraged and inverse funds, subaccounts and ETFs, some retirement plan holders may prefer to include them. However, it has been our experience, after many years of research and system back testing, that the use of such leveraged and inverse funds not only does not add to total returns but decreases those returns. Therefore, in our opinion, if such a fund rises to the top of a Ranking Table we believe it should be avoided. In such an instance we would prefer to chose the next most highly ranked investment choice that might be available to you in your plan. Typical providers of such funds would include such offerings from Profunds, Rydex, Direxion Funds and some others.

Once an investment choice is made based on the ranking tables you should wait for at least three months (90 days) before choosing a higher ranked investment choice (we call that a "roll-up"). Ideally, you will want to stay in the green highlighted section of the tables as those will likely be the highest performing choices. However, very few investors will be afforded the option to choose within the narrow green table section.

In the second section of the Ranking Tables the investment vehicles (funds or annuity subaccounts) are sorted by NAME rather than by PILOT RANK. Next to each name is the current PILOT RANK number for that name.  This NAME section will be especially useful for finding those particular investment choices made available to you by your plan. Those who are provided investment options from multiple providers may find it easier to search our Master Ranking Table spreadsheet files.

After your Roll-up always be sure to re-balance your portfolio between stocks and bonds according to the percentages we suggest for your Portfolio of choice (Conservative, Standard or Aggressive). We will also highlight in green that particular Portfolio that our indicators suggest is currently the best choice.

The Rankings Tables (unless otherwise indicated) will contain both stocks and bonds combined.  When you Rebalance your account you will need to know which investments in your retirement plan are bonds and which are stocks.  Your own particular retirement plan administrator will make that clear to you as to which is which.  You will need that simple, basic information for the Rebalancing part of our "3 R's" strategy (when you allocate a certain percentage of your retirement plan to stocks and to bonds).


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Great service. This is, by far, the best service for us 403b'ers locked into these crazy annuities that I have found. Great work!

Amon P., Woodbridge, VA

Annuities Pilot has finally made it easy for me to manage my 457 plan here at (name withheld) University. These rankings are sooooo easy. Thanks guys.

Warren F., NYC, NY

I have been very pleasantly surprised how easy you make it for me to get the best from our complex retirement plan here at...

Jake C., Evanston, IL

Yeah! God's gift to teachers, this thing really works! Works for my IRA too. Where have you been hiding all these years!

Sam R., Pittsburgh, PA

AP is professional and well supported and far and away the best of the lot. Great retirement service for us academics sitting on these annuity based plans. Keep it coming.

Bill K., Atlanta, GA

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